Private Label

Besides providing our own product line of paints, we can also provide our products under private label. Because of our mixing and filling possibilities, we are highly capable of delivering  the private-label products in small and large amounts.
In our factory, which meets the legal requirements concerning the environment, the Dutch working conditions legislation (Arbo-wet) and storage. It is also possible to use your own composition or recipe, if desired.

Because of the close collaboration between our company and the printer, we can create a nice label that corresponds with your corporate image. We look after the entire process, from producing the paint to delivering it with a colorful label. Even if you want to start out small.

Of course, your ideas and products are in good hands and we will look after your demands with great care. Our team consists of skilled and qualified people, and we feel very strongly about flexibility, quality, and customer orientation.

Anti-Graffiti Coating Permanent
Private Label
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